Deadwood Stove Owners Show Off Their Creativity

From the sale of our first Deadwood Stove in 2011, we’ve enjoyed being a part of our customers’ ingenuity. They’ve shared videos, photos, and recipes. It’s obvious our customers are quite creative, and we would like to reward their talent. From time to time, we will announce various contests in the news section of our website. Deadlines will be announced, and winners will be posted here.

A few contests you may expect to see in the future include (but are not limited to):

  • Recipes — Do you have a creative, fun, and tasty recipe? Send us your favorite recipes that can be easily prepared using traditional camp cooking methods, including Dutch ovens, camp fires, or the Deadwood Stove.
  • Photos — Proud owners of the Deadwood Stove will be able to submit pictures of themselves and their stoves in many exciting or exotic locations. With such a portable stove, there is no limit to the locations you can visit.
  • Videos — Perhaps you have a creative way to use the Deadwood Stove or have developed an instructional video for cooking your favorite recipe. Video contests will allow you to exhibit your originality and inventiveness.

Remember to check the news section of our website regularly for announcements on upcoming contests.

 Usage Tips

Control the temperature by using various sizes and amounts of sticks.

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