What is the difference between the Deadwood Stove and an insulated rocket stove?

Insulated rocket stove designs use a 3–3.5” combustion chamber, which concentrates the heat in a small area of average size (9–10”) pots and pans. The Deadwood Stove combustion chamber is 5″ X 5″ (6.5″ diagonally). Combined with the grill surface that is engineered to capture and retain heat, the larger Deadwood Stove design minimizes hot spots. Since the fuel used in these stoves is abundant and virtually free, it does not make sense to sacrifice the larger cooking surface in order to gain only a minor increase in efficiency. Also, insulating this design makes the insulated rocket stove larger, heavier, and more expensive.

What accessories are available for the Deadwood Stove?

We are working on offering several accessories, which should be available soon. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of all the latest accessories.

How is the cooking temperature regulated?

The cooking temperature is regulated by varying the sizes and amounts of sticks used for fuel. Smaller sticks burn hotter than larger sticks. With a little practice, you will be able to maintain a low heat for eggs, pancakes, and reheating soups, stews, and chili. To boil water or fry food, you’ll need to generate more heat, so we recommend using a higher quantity of smaller sticks in this scenario. While the technique for mastering what types of sticks to use in different situations is not challenging, a little practice will go a long way toward knowing what works best. You can also check out our set up and maintenance page for more information.

Fueling a Deadwood Stove

What kind of coating is used on the Deadwood Stove?

The Deadwood Stove is shipped painted with Rust-Oleum BBQ grill paint that is rated up to 1,200 degrees. With continual use, the paint may eventually “burn off,” and the stove may run the risk of rusting. However, you can repaint the stove using heat-resistant paint (found in most hardware stores) or season the iron with vegetable oil to prevent rust. The combustion chamber and grill surface are constructed of 11-gauge steel, so a little rust will not harm the stove.

I love the stove, but your price seems a little high.

Considering the top-quality American made materials, workmanship, and life expectancy, $249.00 is a very reasonable price. Also, the Deadwood Stove uses only natural fuels, meaning that you are saving money by not having to purchase propane, liquid fuels, gels, charcoal, electricity, large stacks of firewood, or other fuels.

Is it easy to “tip over”?

The Deadwood Stove has four sturdy and adjustable legs that give it exceptional stability.

What about tripping over the sticks protruding from the combustion chamber?

The User's Manual recommends breaking long sticks into shorter lengths. A 12”-long stick will protrude approximately 4” when fully inserted into the intake.

Is the stove safe to operate?

Use common sense precautions anytime you operate a grill, campfire, or any cooking device. If set-up and operating instructions are followed, there should be no safety issues.

For more information about the Deadwood Stove or how to use it, please refer to the User's Manual.

Cooks efficiently with sticks, tree bark, pine cones, scrap lumber, and other biomass fuels!

Camping & RVs

Hunting & Fishing

Backyards & Tailgating

Power Outages

Emergency Preparation

Cook with Sticks

Patented Design

No Fuel to Purchase

Fun for the Whole Family

Efficient, Rugged, Portable

5 Year Warranty

Made in the U.S.A.



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