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Join us at the Self Reliance Expo, April 26 & 27.

Deadwood Stove Co. will be at the Self Reliance Expo at the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, Texas.  Come see us at booth #206 and sign up for a chance to win a free Deadwood Stove!! 

Friday, April 26 11AM - 7PM & Saturday, April 27 9AM - 7PM.

Blog post about the Deadwood Stove at LivingPrepared

Thanks go out to the guys at for their post about the advantages of rocket stoves and reviewing the Deadwood Stove. Check out their article here.

Fuel for the Deadwood Stove

Fuel for the Deadwood Stove

We use our Deadwood Stove just about daily here at home (weather permitting!). Last weekend we gathered some wood and stored it out of the weather for future use. This should last us at least one month. In Texas we have lots of cedar and mesquite trees, both burn very hot. You'll also see in the photos some split pine boards we salvaged from a floor in an old building. The best part is that this fuel is renewable and completely free!!

Made In U.S.A.

Made In U.S.A.

Deadwood Stove Company is proud to be building a product in America with American parts and labor. In a time when only 5% of jobs in the U.S.A. are manufacturing, we are trying to play a part in keeping the dream alive. 2012 was a great year for us. Sales of the Deadwood Stove have reached the 1000 unit mark. Not bad for a couple brothers starting from scratch with just an idea!!!

To all of our fans - THANK YOU!!

God Bless America..

Another fantastic review of the Deadwood Stove!!

Thanks to Leon at for writing this review.  Check it out here.

Great customer feedback from Troop 18 in New York!!

We receive lots of positive customer feedback from owners of Deadwood Stoves. Just had to share this one. Thank you John and Troop 18 in NY!!!   Read more »

Review of the Deadwood Stove

Take a look at the latest review of the deadwood stove at

October 2012 Deadwood Stove Photo Contest Winners

Thanks to all that submitted photos. Choosing winners was difficult!!! So we decided to award 2 first place and 2 second place prizes.   Read more »

Patent approved for Deadwood Stove!!

After lots of paperwork, time, and large checks written to attorneys, the design patent application has been approved for the Deadwood Stove. United States Design Patent No. D667,253.   Read more »

Survival Common Sense Reviews the Deadwood Stove

Survival Common Sense posted this review of the Deadwood Stove on their site.

Deadwood Stove Review on Daily Paul

Throwback Road Blog Post

Deadwood Stove Review

I think I have found the perfect off grid stove. The Deadwood Stove is by far the best alternative I have found for cooking in an off grid situation. This stove only takes small pieces of wood and sticks. It is very easy to light and burns very hot. Being able to have a cook stove that uses local wood and sticks is a huge advantage when it comes to finding fuel.
   Read more »

Thermal Cooker + Deadwood Stove

Take a look at a blog post about using a Thermal Cooker on the Deadwood Stove at A Pocket Full of WanderLust

Deadwood Stove Review

Visit for a great review on the Deadwood Stove.

Newspaper Article About Us

 Dan and David Warren were interviewed by the Abilene Reporter News.  Check out the article.

 Usage Tips

Control the temperature by using various sizes and amounts of sticks.

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