The Deadwood Stove

The Perfect Accessory for Camping, Hunting, Fishing, or Wilderness Survival

The Deadwood Stove is a valuable piece of equipment for any camper, hunter, fisherman, or outdoorsman. It is rugged, compact, and portable. The Deadwood Stove uses sticks and small pieces of wood to operate, eliminating the need for propane, liquid fuels, charcoal, electricity, or large stacks of firewood.

Deadwood Stove camping

Efficient — The Deadwood Stove produces maximum amounts of heat using minimal amounts of fuel. This efficiency makes the Deadwood Stove perfect for everything from camping to survival scenarios. You won’t need to purchase expensive fuels again; with dead limbs, scrap lumber, and sticks, you have all of the fuel you need to operate your Deadwood Stove.

Easy to light — Simply insert newspaper or kindling in the combustion chamber. Light the fuel with a match, lighter, or magnesium starter and insert sticks into the feed tube. In a couple of minutes, you’re ready for cooking!

Easy to operate — The cooking temperature is controlled by increasing or decreasing the size and amount of fuels used. A few sticks generate enough heat to cook eggs, pancakes, hamburgers, steaks, or popcorn; just about anything you can cook on your kitchen stove top. The Deadwood Stove is capable of heating one quart of water to a rolling boil in 10 minutes at most altitudes.

Durable — The Deadwood Stove is designed for continuous use and is covered by a five-year limited warranty. The combustion chamber and cooking surfaces are made of heavy 11-gauge steel, and all construction is welded so there are no bolts, rivets, or seams to deteriorate. It is very easy to care for your Deadwood Stove!

Warranty — The Deadwood Stove is covered by a 5 year limited warranty. If it fails under normal use, Deadwood Stove Company will repair or replace the stove. If the issue cannot be resolved a full refund will be made. All we ask is for the stove to be returned so a refund can be issued.


Height without the leg extensions = 14.5 in.

Height with leg extensions = 21.5 in.

The grill surface = 8.5 in. x 8.5 in.

Footprint with leg extension = 11 in.

Footprint without leg extensions = 7 in.

Weight = 18 pounds

For more information about the Deadwood Stove or how to use it, please refer to the User’s Manual.

Cooks efficiently with sticks, tree bark, pine cones, scrap lumber, and other biomass fuels!

Camping & RVs

Hunting & Fishing

Backyards & Tailgating

Power Outages

Emergency Preparation

Cook with Sticks

Patented Design

No Fuel to Purchase

Fun for the Whole Family

Efficient, Rugged, Portable

5 Year Warranty

Made in the U.S.A.



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